DT Swiss

DT Swiss ARC1400 50mm
For disc brakes and 142/12mm and 100/12mm thru axles.
Sells wheelsets fully assembled with tubeless Schwalbe Pro One 25.
Latest generation ARC wheels for road, with bombproof DT Swiss 240 EXP hubs of the latest generation.
ARC means DT Swiss aero rim rings.
The same as used on the World Tour by, among others, Uno-X.
Modern with a full 20mm inner width and prepared for tubeless from the factory.
1400 means that they have the familiar 240 hubs.
My tire width for the rims is 25mm.
Has been a racing wheel for junior for two seasons. Been one of three racing wheel sets that have been rotated between, so not gone too many km.
Offered for sale as a similar wheelset in 62 mm is also being considered in the wheel park for the flattest races. 50mm are by far the best all-round wheels for road.

The front tire has been replaced this year, so only rolled two races. The rear tire has one season on it, but not many races. The rider weighs 69 kg and rides with good weight distribution compared to an exerciser, so there is little wear.

The wheels are straight and the bearings are fine. Freshly serviced and lubricated. The boss has a couple of grooves with notches, but 3/4 of the circle is intact so of no practical importance.
Ratchet system, not pawls.
The carbon/rim rings are very nice, and just newly polished! Only a couple of small scratches, see pictures. Probably after being in and out of a support vehicle as a spare wheel on races.

A lot of wheels for the money, although it's not exactly free. Wheels for quality-conscious connoisseurs.

Marke: DT Swiss
Modell: ARC1400 50mm
Preistyp: VHB
Material: Carbon
Laufradgröße in Zoll: 27,5
Eintrag erfolgreich erstellt 3 Jun 2024

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