Information about Secondbikelife


This is a place to sell, rent, swap and share goods and services with the other members of the marketplace.

How did secondbikelife come about?

After a spontaneous bike excursion in Austria last year, we were looking for "new" used bikes.  So we went looking for bikes and surfed through various flea market portals.

Unfortunately, the targeted search for our dream bikes was not that easy.  No portal gave us the opportunity to search specifically for specific bikes without being offered a thousand other products.  It was like cabbage and turnips, bicycles next to gym bags, bicycle tubes and all sorts of other stuff.

 So we sat down over our Christmas vacation and worked out a portal.  It should be easy to use, well categorized with useful filters, not too many, not too few and at the same time be intuitive for the user. gradually emerged from an idea.

 Who are we?

 Quite simply: two friends who like to bike.


 The trend is towards 1 plus X bikes.  We believe that it doesn't always have to be a new bike.  Buying used is sustainable and enables everyone to get really cool bikes for a fraction of the new price.

Parents who want to enable their kids to ride BMX or mountain bikes usually have a limited budget.  The little ones quickly grow beyond the bikes and their protective equipment.  On our portal you have the opportunity to buy and sell bicycles, protective equipment, clothing and spare parts.  A kind of bicycle circle is to be created.

Just put your bikes that you no longer need here and offer the community the opportunity to get beautiful bikes for a fraction of the new price.  Best of all, you still earn money doing it.

 One of the goals of secondbikelife is to bring together bicycle enthusiasts, custom bike artists, bike shops and bike workshops.

 We currently have a few real works of art from Kimura cycle works from Karlsruhe.

 This portal was created for bicycle workshops and mechanics to buy and sell parts among themselves.

 What does offer you? offers you the opportunity to advertise your bicycles, custom bikes, spare parts, accessories and clothing and give them a second life.

 Don't let your bike get dusty in the basement.  It belongs on the road, the trail or on the mountain.

 In this sense.  Lets ride!

 Thank you!

 A big thank you to the bicycle artist from kimura cycle works and of course the unique Martin Hauge from the Karlsruhe bicycle hall.

 Thank you for your support and your trust in our idea!